Don’t Go blindfolded into business

96% of Business Fail within 10 Years,
the Authentic Entrepreneur Masterclass Series gives you the skills
and tools to become one of the 4% that thrive.

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Move your business into the fast lane

With like minded entrepreneurs

Learn from a man who has built five businesses. Matt Joy was the architect behind the growth of a business which had $100m+ of net assets and has taken another to a successful exit. But he’s also experienced the pain of taking a start-up into liquidation.

You can save years of business pain by learning from Matt’s mistakes. And you can move your business into the stratosphere by learning from his successes.

Working for 12 hours directly with Matt, plus approximately 20 hours offline study over 6 weeks, with a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs you will achieve mastery in business, but hurry to register, this exclusive course is filling up now with some of Australia’s most go-getting business owners.

    The Authentic Entrepreneur Masterclass

    Six weeks of extraordinary content delivered by Matt Joy and leading industry experts

    • Choosing the right business partner, co-founder and or investor.
    • Exit strategies and why they are important from your first day in business.
    • Creating win-win agreements with your shareholders, contractors and clients.
    • Your leadership and management style - what works and what doesn't.
    • Your personal development - your company will only sustainably grow to your level of capability.
    • Defining your vision and impact, igniting your (& your team's) passion and connecting the two. Why strategy is the red pill.
    • Setting Annual Strategy (Part 1) to give you freedom as a leader to grow, to lead your team; and give investors' certainty – a proven $100m process. Ideal either for: An unproven or growing team looking for a single culture, a clear direction, excellent communication and rapid growth, or investors or business owners who want a return or exit at a particular date in the future.
    • Attract, incentivise AND keep an extraordinary team you love for the long haul including how to create employee share schemes.
    • Creating rockstar company value and strategy through Intangible Asset strategy and IP Protection.
    • Get Investor ready and irrespective of investment, cultivate an Investor mindset from the get go, to understand mastery in each of the key areas of your business.
    • Embracing and flipping difficult conversations with shareholders, contractors and clients.
    • Big dreams: How to embody the change you want to see in the world - Know what you want with laser certainty.
    • Lead your team first before yourself – to build momentum and to build the requisite culture and values to safely scale your business.
    • Get a framework for organisation charts, position descriptions, performance reviews, training and accountability.
    • Daily, weekly and monthly hacks to make entrepreneur life easier, fun and productive.
    Make 2018 count now!
    • Get your business story straight to make your mark, align your team, light up your customers, potential partners and investors.
    • Develop a healthy obsession with your ideal customer avatar to give you edge.
    • Latest digital marketing strategies, hacks and essentials to scale your message. What is working right now.
    • Master the art of extraordinary pitching - intention, psychology, message, delivery and close.
    • The art of influence and winning conversations including neuro-linguistic programming.
    • Closing leads, relatedness, completion and the upsell.
    • Competitor and future market positioning strategies.
    • How to de-risk your business as an A game strategy, for continuity, creativity and business fun.
    • MVP (minimum viable product) and the importance of pivots and losing attachment.
    • Joint Venture strategies that work and the use of Decision Analysis technology.
    • Corporate responsibility and the importance of legal agreements.
    • How to pick and brief advisors to get cost-effective results on time and on budget.
    • Setting Annual Strategy (Part 2) - a proven $100m process: A deeper dive for serious entrepreneurs looking for business certainty for themselves and their investors. How to create one document to drive the whole team, culture, values, vision and key performance indicators.
    • The biggest mistakes to avoid made by entrepreneurs that you don’t want to miss: A comprehensive, no holds barred session on how to hack the 4% of start up companies who make it to 10 years.
    • Polishing your CEO credentials and lifting your environment.
    • Q & A Sessions to work through your burning issues on your business, and illustrated by case studies.
    • Exercises and templates to use immediately on your business.
    • Access for one year to the private Authentic Entrepreneur Facebook Group
    Make 2018 count now!

    The Authentic Entrepreneur Masterclass series

    Next Series New Dates:


     Commences March 20th 2018 - Completion April 24th 2018

     Masterclasses 6pm - 8pm LIVE online


    Tuesday March 20th, Tuesday March 27th, Tuesday April 3rd, Tuesday April 10th, Tuesday April 17rd, Tuesday April 24th.

    • No need to leave your home or office
    • 2 hours per CLASS via Zoom Conference in an intimate group
    • Plus homework on your business each week to see results immediately.
    • Small intimate group of committed business owners with great JV potential.
    • 8 SESSIONS of unmissable content spread conveniently so that you can be prepared for the much needed Christmas holiday break and complete the final session in January so you are set ready for 2018.
    • Plus FREE 24/7 access for one year to the private Authentic Entrepreneur Facebook Group so that your Masterclasses can also provide you a community of like minded entrepreneurs to share and support each other.

    The Authentic Entrepreneur Masterclass will teach you

    How To:

    Here's a break-down of the full contents of what you will learn:

    • Build yourself, your fortitude and your mindset to lead a business of the future with conviction.
    • Find your authenticity, develop range and embrace vulnerability as a winning characteristic.
    • Get your story straight, and then sell effectively.
    • Use different closing strategies & the tools necessary.
    • Develop customer rapport and engagement.
    • Engage an external digital agency to craft and execute your message.
    • Strategically build your business to maximize non-tangible asset value.
    • Understand Investor interests and exit strategies.
    • Manage cash flow in times of fast growth.
    • Work well with a legal team and manage cost.
    • Develop rockstar testimonials and leverage off strong brands.
    • Build a team with Wealth Dynamics and use profiling to de-risk recruitment with positive psychology.

    Your Mentor

    The Mentor Masterclass course is his accelerator course based on a proven Mastermind model that rapidly teaches the principles of creating a successful business and the vital lessons needed to avoid the pain of the first three years of business.


    Your Expert

    Guided by an expert, Masterclass members learn how to get their journey straight fast, and learn side-by-side with other business owners who are in the same boat.


    Your Journey

    Masterclasses are a proven model of learning that allow you to get your journey straight quickly, in a like-minded community of business owners with support, inspiration and encouragement.


    Your Mentor

    Matt Joy is an ex-corporate turned entrepreneur who has built 5 companies from scratch and working on 3 continents, has been both an architect behind an Australian business growing it to $100m+ of net assets and has known the pain of taking a business from start up through to liquidation. His 31 years of practical international corporate and entrepreneur experience are condensed into the Authentic Entrepreneur Masterclass program.

    Why Now?

    Within 5 years, it is predicted that 40% of traditional employment will disappear.

    Matt recently witnessed first hand a number of horror stories from beginner entrepreneurs sharing their pain from their own start up journeys . Just listening to the endless stories of bewilderment, distress, trial and mostly error provoked a visceral response in Matt.    A disarming lack of confidence & clarity was underpinned by uninformed optimism which left Matt feeling despairing for their lack of knowing of what lay ahead. 

    These entrepreneurs shared experiences which reminded him of the depth of his own sometimes painful journey.  This has compelled him as a matter of urgency to launch this Masterclass series now to help others potentially avoid years of pain.

    His desire is to help entrepreneurs avoid the potentially catastrophic mistakes he made until he acquired the necessary authentic skills to grow a business over 10 years.

    With the massive increase in social and mindful entrepreneurship there is an essential need now for entrepreneurs to de-risk their journey.

    "I have achieved more in a bit over an hour with you today than I have with all the Sydney “startup coaches” in 3 years. I just now described you as a “Silicon Valley startup coach” as opposed to a “Sydney startup coach”."

    – Rhett Sampson, CEO Blust

    What our clients say:

    Matt is an incredibly valuable asset to any company looking to define a clear growth strategy. His depth of experience and vast networks provide any organisation with significant value. I’d highly recommend him for any growing business.

    Jack Delosa
    Jack Delosa Founder & CEO of The Entourage

    Working with Matt allowed me to create the business I really wanted. It was demanding work, pulling my vague dreams into a structured plan of action. Many times I was challenged by my own sense of inadequacy, Matt proved to be both a no-nonsense masterful business coach, and a compassionate human being. He took me through step by step from grand vision into practical tasks. It was like an amazing journey into my own creative ability. He also connected me to high quality people in his network who I am now happily partnering with. To your continued success, I say work with Matt! Invigourate!”

    Julian Noel
    Julian Noel Founder of Shine and Aware Business

    My mentoring experience with Matt was like receiving a shot of vitamin ‘awesome’. Matt brings ‘heart-to-heart’ communication and a generous spirit as the perfect sounding board for ideas. Matt comes to the party with an array of start-up tools, resources, expert advice and a network of contacts to develop areas of the business that have shaped aupairtribe’s foundation.

    Megan Gale
    Megan Gale Founder at aupairtribe

    Just wanted to say thank you for your help. I have achieved more in a bit over an hour with you today than I have with all the Sydney “startup coaches” in 3 years. I just now described you as a “Silicon Valley startup coach” as opposed to a “Sydney startup coach”.

    Rhett Sampson
    Rhett Sampson Blust
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